Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moonlight Sail and Door County Cruise

On Saturday, July 17th, the CLSA Potluck -- thanks to everyone who brought something to grill and share -- and the Moonlight sail went well for all participants.

Until fellow CLSA Members Alex and Lucy joined me on the MacGregor 25 last evening, I had forgotten how AWESOME it was to do an evening sail with good company aboard !!

It was a rare treat to have an experienced sailor at the helm !
(usually, I bring people aboard who are new to sailing...because, as a retired schoolteacher, I ENJOY introducing new things to folks.)

Anyway, I was able to bring out the cockpit cushions and lay down -- quite content -- and watch the clouds drift past my masthead. Of course, every once in awhile, I popped my head up like a gopher to confirm where we were on the lake and viewed lake traffic.
(not much that time of evening...)

Since I'm usually racing, and/or "tweaking" whatever sailboat I'm on (I average 6 of them -- one for every wind velocity and type of event), last nite was kind of a "warmup" and preparation for our annual Door County Cruise !

This year, we'll have 4 cabin boats from CLSA coming up to sail Green Bay -- from Ephraim to Excanaba by way of Jackson Harbor on the NE corner of Washington Island.

I may become a "cruiser" yet...

Bill Vokac

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