Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Predict new winds sooner...

A new LASER and sensoring device from a Virginia firm called Catch The Wind is designed to "anticipate" a change in wind direction and speed to increase the electricity production from giant wind turbines "by as much as 10%."

By detecting air particle motion up to 1000 ft ahead, a sailboat racer could benefit greatly?

Now, if only this Laser could fit on my LASER...


Monday, February 22, 2010

CLSA Door County Cruise

For the past decade, I've taken my MacGregor 25 north (8 hour drive) to Ephraim's Firehouse Ramp for cruisng the area for about 2 weeks.

In 2007, two sailboats from the Carlyle Yacht Club joined me for awhile and we circumnavigated Chambers Island (this island has a lake in the center with two islands -- visible on most charts...) for a perfect 8 hour sail.

It was also the year the Green Bay water was rather low -- you really had to pay attention to the channel markers and not stray from the channels!

Our 2008 Door Cruise was really special as Jim Coleman joined me as crew and guided us farther North than I had previously gone -- around Washington Island to visit Rock Island, WI. Thordarson's State Park Boathouse is truly amazing with interior concrete wharfs behind the stone arches, with an "open air" ballroom on the entire second floor!

In 2009, many of the same sites were visited ...and thoroughly enjoyed with the Budden's on their MacGregor 26S -- and they vowed to return in 2010...Yup, it's that nice a destination...nobody goes just once...!!!
In 2010, as promised, Joe and Linda Budden returned -- as did Jim Coleman, and we were joined by Joe and Denise Karbarz on their recently - purchased Morgan 22. They loved the awesome sailing and are considering their Door County return with a larger sailboat !
As for 2011, why not join us....?