Friday, May 7, 2010

NEW Gadget is a Laser Wind Indicator

To read the wind speed more accurately, check out this NEW device from a Sail Magazine article:

This technology comes from Lasers that are being used to anticipate a gust that would damage a wind turbine. If the Laser detects a gust coming that would be excessive, the blades are "feathered" to keep the blades from reaching an excessive speed.

This new device would be fun and useful to have aboard, if you have someone to use it while somebody else is steering...if you've got the "spare change" to invest.

Of course, during our SailNow sailing instruction, the first thing I teach is how to read the wind gust velocity, duration and direction by looking at the waves to windward to anticipate possibly having to "round-up" when the next gust hits your sails.

"Reading the waves" visually gives more information with sufficient accuracy to be useful.

Let me know what you think, or how useful this wind speed by laser device is if you buy one...

Bill Vokac --

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