Monday, March 7, 2011

Escape 12 by Captiva

This Escape 12
is in "nearly-new" condition
and comes with
for easy of transport and launching. The boat is rated for 3 adults and is stable enough for only a kid or two to sail on their own, due to the side seat flotation and hull design.

In 2010, SailNow donated the use of this Escape for a weekly 4-H Sailing Group and the kids preferred this sailboat over all the others available...

The mast base (roller-furler) rotates to allow reducing sail if the wind increases, or you can let out more sail area as the wind dies -- even while sailing !

You can purchase this Escape, ready to sail, complete with New Trailer for our "Pre-Season Price" of...

$ 1250

For more information or to see this Escape 12 in person by appointment, contact:

Bill Vokac's SailNow

(217) 369-0015

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